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Nine Muses/나인 뮤지스

From left to right: Kyungri, Sera, Hyuna, Minha (middle top), Sam (middle bottom), Erin, Hyemi, Eunji

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Once upon a time...


Let me tell you of a heroic struggle that will be remembered for ages to come. A fine, young lad named Docinus III was resting peacefully to ease his battle wounds from his previous encounters, when a vicious foe appeared which the likes have never been seen before! With its broad build and quick agility, Docinus knew that these might very well be his last moments.

A quick jab there! One skillfull dodge right after!

This fight lasted well over seven hours. The effects of fatigue were showing on both adversaries. We both knew that the seconds to come were very precious indeed, for they were the ones that would decide everything.

*clinck* *shang* *shwoof*

It's quiet...

It was clear who the victor was. Aye, it was I, Docinus!

My honorable opponent paid with his life as token for my victory, and to wash away the shame that he had brought upon his family. My pride would never forget the name of this fierce opponent, Blatta. Also referred to by the plebs as the "cockroach". 



--blehblehbleh... Uueerrgghhhh, I'm like a zombie. =__=;; Summer does that to me. I'm bored out of my mind! Plus, it's sooooo hot. I'm also typing this reply because mean Kraken told me to! : P So yeah, here I am... Typing an entry for the sake of typing an entry. Fuuu~n.

Don't you guys feel any pressure as well? To constantly give your best to your readers? Yarr! You don't want to disappoint your fans, after all. ... Anyways, back to me being lethargic and complaining. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee-...- eeeeeeee-... ... -eeeeee- ... -eh.

I love you guys. *gives big group hug*

Over and out! 


Don't study over night, kids

Trust me, don't. =__=

I barely got any sleep last night! Dx I had to learn for Dutch, and I didn't learn anything... I started at around midnight, and stopped at 1 AM. So, I basically learned a whole hour... for something that you should learn more than 10 hours for if you want to know it fully. xD I could go and study all night... but I love my sleep too much for that. ;-;

So, I went to sleep and thought that I could use a bit of rest, since it serves no point to study while your brain's not responding... I set my clock to 2 AM. I thought that one hour of sleep would be good enough. :'D But I overslept... and I woke up at 4:30 AM. That sucked. I looked completely calm, but mentally I was freakin' panicking. T___T

ALSO, keep in mind that I had my exam at 8:00 AM. >___>; So, with my outstanding brain power, I skimmed through the whole semester of Dutch while still keeping my eyes on it long enough, so that I could store it in my short term memory database.

I studied 'till 7:40 AM, and then I went to school to take the exam.

I don't know how well I did, but I passed at least. I guess that's good. xD

Gah, there should be someone who should force me to study on time... >__<

Munchy, dearest~ :3

Gintama clip~!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands~

Funny scene. :')



Casshern Sins clip!

I still remember seeing this movie a couple of years ago, and being awed. :')

Those Japanese sure know how to make media I like~

Horrible, horrible!

Absolutely horrible, I tell you! T____T

My French exam sucked! And I had the worst luck ever! So, we had to read a French book for the exam which consisted out of ~150 pages. A relatively small book, but it had a really tiny font... plus it was in french... (NIGHTMARE!)

So yeah, I marked on each page something, in order for me to remember things easily, and what do you know! >___>; I missed ~6 pages, and guess what happens next... I picked a card, and had to talk about those six pages while I haven't even studied them well, waaaah! T____T What kind of baaaaaaaaaaaaad luck is that! (Must be that mirror I broke six years ago... Have hope! One year left~)

6 pages... that I haven't done... get picked out of the 150...



Someone kill me, please.




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